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The Project

Smile Bilingual Nursery and English Preschool is part of an educational project that is based with the approach the Reggio, Montessori and EYFS which deals with the ages of 0 to 6 years.
“Give me the first seven years of my life and I will tell you what will be”. These words give us added responsibility in our passion to work accordingly with our children.
We are connected to a world that is rapidly changing in dimension, in which our kids should feel at the centre of. They should be optimistic and protagonists of this new world. They should be felled with hope and security in reaping all the opportunities this new world has to provide, which should in essence be a much better world than that of yesterday and today.
To reach this goal, it is important to be a citizen of the world, and to have the natural familiarity with the English language as a bilingual language.
It is the child’s universal passport.
Our children by their sixth birthday should be ready to speak and think in two languages, both English and Italian.