All of us at Smile believe that our actions can reverse global warming and build a healthier and more sustainable world.

We also believe that it is our responsibility as educators to understand the world your children will inherit and prepare them for it as best we possibly can.

In this vein, we have a firm commitment to sustainable practices, both as a school and as individuals.

In everything we do, everything we produce and everything we purchase, we ask ourselves if we are making a decision that supports the most sustainable possible outcomes.

Promote sustainability so that as you make your own choices each day, you know what to look for.

How Green are we in?

Flooring –> Our floor is made with all natural materials.

Cutlery –> For lunches, we use reusable cutlery.

Plates –> For daily lunches, we use reusable plates. 

Cups –> For daily lunches and snack, we use glass cups.

Jugs –> For daily lunches and snacks, we use glass jugs.

Soaps & Cleansers –> Our hand and dish soaps are biodegradable. Our disinfectants contain no chlorine, acids or petroleum.

Water –> Our sensors and push handles reduce water use by 50%.

Paper –> All of our paper materials are locally produced in Italy, and we reuse the paper to print.

Garbage Bags –> Our garbage bags are made of 60% recycled plastic.

Lights –> Our lights are led to reducing the consume.

Paper Towels, Tissues, Wipes –> Our paper towels are 60% recycled fibre. Our tissues are 80% recycled. Our wipes are compostable, plant-based and renewable.

Recycle Bags –> Our bags are 100% recycled and are used to ship children's items.

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