To be closer to your child


At Smile, we use an English app that can keep families in direct contact with the teacher and keep them updated with all information about child’s routine, e.g. lunch, toileting, sleep and daily comments with pictures /video with only one click!

How is our routine?

Theories aren’t passed down at Smile; they are explored, realized and then tested through primary and secondary resources.

We strongly believe and follow autonomy as an individual child's growth path.


  • Welcoming: during the morning teachers welcome the pupils in the school and starting with the Circle Time are divided in their own classrooms (talking about the weather, prepare to the various lab or activities, presentation of the didactical routine or new materials, explanation of the rules, etc.)
  • Snack and activities: children having fruit snack (every day a different fruit) and getting ready for their lessons.
  • Every day we combine anACTIVITY with the regular didactical routine, led by external professional teachers as: Psychomotricity, Sport Center, Music, Nature lab.
  • Montessori Lunch Time (Practical Life): kids have lunch (by following the school monthly menu) in their classroom serving food and water by themselves and tidying up.


  • Nap Time: teachers make the little kids ready for the sleeping time and the rest of the kids have free play time in their own classrooms, small room or in the “Big Room”.
  • Lab and classroom lessons: after a nap, children concentrate on one or two unstructured activities, while adults continue their lessons.
  • Snack and drop-off time: kids have their afternoon snack (every day a different snack), and with the help of the teachers they get ready to go home.
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