Welcome from our Principal

I have enjoyed the great privilege of being the founding Principal of Smile Bilingual Nursery & English Preschool, a small truly unique familiar school in the heart of Milan city with offerings unlike any seen elsewhere in Milan and a passionate future-oriented education.

Eight years ago, we opened our doors with our tiny and toddler children.

Our aim as a school and as a community is to create a safe and caring environment in which children optimize their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development; they are encouraged to explore thinking critically, collaborating and supporting each other, reflecting and acting, stimulating at the same time their natural curiosity for the world around them.

Smile seek to give all our toddlers the opportunity of a unique experience, acquire the personal attributes, outlook, independent and knowledge that will equip them to play an active part in the construction of tomorrow’s world.

We encourage open communication between children, parents and teachers in a school climate that favors the continuous development of understanding in which the main beneficiary is children.

We value parents as key players in this rigorous and challenging learning experience.

I look forward to sharing the Smile’s World with you and your children and welcome you to discover the brilliant and forward-thinking benefits of the International and Familiar Approach and personalized attention in each child.

Warm cordiality,
Paola Rojas


Smile is a joyful environment focused on building a caring relationship between staff, children and parents.

Our goal is to create the feeling of home, where children can develop at their own pace by building their self-esteem, independence and individuality.

We provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children can express their potential, using the interior space to create interesting learning opportunities.

We support the natural curiosity and creativity of children with a wide range of activities and with the extra curricular program (e.g. sport, music, swimming, dance, etc.)

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and learn. "
Benjamin Franklin
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