Small children feel at home in the inviting and aesthetically pleasing Smile Bilingual Nursery. The environment favors exploration, training, movement and freedom of choice.

The size of furniture, bathrooms and shelves is proportionate to their age group, allowing for self-care and development of autonomy.

The Intercultural approach allows such young children to bring them closer to a multiculturalism through sensory experiences, lights and colors respecting the engine of having fun while playing.

Our program sets the stage for a successful learning life with a carefully prepared classroom environment that adapts daily to the dynamic growth and evolving abilities of our little ones.


The toys and equipment in our schools are adapted to age groups, and to support the development of children at all stages.

We perform a daily risk assessment by providing a healthy, safe and secure environment for all children, parents and staff members. We encourage children to think about their own safety and that of others, for example with simple activities: arranging games, taking care of themselves, of the space around them, and last but not least the love for nature and reading.


Children are supported in socio-emotional learning. Mutual respect is the foundation for the success of our program. The parent can see the strength of our respectful methodology in the tone maintained in the classroom, always decisive and self-disciplined.

When children are absorbed in activities and collaboration is strengthened, interruptions are rare. Educators support children with problem solving, listening, modulating the action of appropriate behavior and responding.

Smile Nursery provides an in-depth exploration of these important intellectual and academic areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts & Design + ICT
  • Jolly Phonics



The educators and the pedagogical staff guarantee these objectives by making their professionalism available, favoring a climate of affection and listening to the needs of the little ones, so that it is possible to promote gradual development in a dimension of balance and interdependence between the different learning areas.

Tiny children enjoy highly personalized attention due to our low student-to-teacher ratio of 1: 7. Plus, the unique flexibility of our curriculum allows us to continually challenge each child at their own pace.

Every year the educators work in synergy and make an annual project for each class group. This allows each educator with her class group to describe objectives and work on a project in which the children tend during the year to a greater observation and interest.

Team work leads to continuous demands for growth and stimulation to do better and better. The attention to different methodologies such as the Montessori methodology and the EYFS allows educators to live in a stimulating and continuously growing environment, also through the numerous courses made available by our structure.


During the last year of attendance, weekly linking activities are held between the nursery school and the nursery school, in order to encourage the exchange and sharing of educational projects with older children, facilitating the passage of the child and giving continuity to the his educational path in kindergarten.


Admissions can take place throughout the year.

It is advisable to properly plan the insertion to ensure better adaptation and optimal management of the organization.

Each exception will be evaluated by our team together with the parents and the reference pedagogist.


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