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Bilingual Nursery 0-3 years


Bilingual Nursery

Smile Bilingual Nursery is a cozy and protected place, in a prestigious area of Milan and in the centre of the city, which wants to reproduce with its living spaces the  home atmosphere but at the same time promotes the practical implementation of a project aimed at enhancing the educational experiences and growth for each child. Identity, listening, multiplicity of languages, experience, creativity  and participation of the families are the daily ingredients of the day at the Nursery. The teachers and staff psycho-pedagogical guarantee those objectives putting at disposal their professional competence but above all creating an affective atmosphere and listening  to the needs of small to make it possible to promote the comprehensive development in a dimension of balance and interdependence between the different areas of learning .


Play games and  Educational experiences

The Nursery offers a cross-fertilization between free play and guide play, characterized primarily by educational experiences, cheerful and full of stimuli. The shared idea is that the child, experimenting educational proposals tours  by using expressive-body languages such as music, body, voice, is enriched at the same time by the freedom to approach them in a more autonomous and individual possible way, be put in the conditions of real experience and share educational experiences  and  growth in constant connection with life and the external environment. Some examples of the educational proposals are games in English, psychomotor activities and  moments of free dance, sensory games, music and art&craft.

Going out

Each week, from October to June, the children are involved in different proposals tours  offered outside the school. The service is done by a private minibus which takes the kids to the park, trips to Museum, to different events which allow them to have direct experiences in the world outside, outdoors and in  places full of charm and stimulating.

Link Year

During the last year of attendance are held weekly activities as a link between the Nursery  and the preschool, to help the exchange and the sharing of educational projects with older children, facilitating the passage of the baby to the pre-school .

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