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English Preschool 2-6 years


English Pre-school

Our Pre-school is a very bright, cozy and protected place, in a prestigious areas of Milan, close to the center, with a good subdivision of the spaces thought and organised according to the different educational fields and they reproduce the familiarity of the home rooms with a constant attention to stimuli and experiential growth. As soon as one crosses the threshold of the door, you’re immediately struck by the artistic material and artifacts created by the children that adorn the walls of the school and that they represent one of the fundamental aspects of our instructional design. The daily proposed activities are entirely in English. The team of native speakers with his professionalism ensures the promotion and achievement of growth as the fundamental identity, self-esteem, security, autonomy, competence, experience and creativity in a cheerful and happy atmosphere which makes the smile an essential pre-requisite.

English Learning

The Pre-school in English welcomes children whose families have chosen to follow a path of learning qualified, natural and cheerful in the English language in different educational areas. During the last years of the child attendance in the kindergarten a particular care is given to the pre-writing and to the acquisition of the first phenomes and grammar skills. “Smile” promotes learning of  English language in a playful and amusing way.

Going out

Each week, from October to June, the children are involved in different proposals tours  offered outside the school. The service is done by a private minibus which takes the kids to the park, trips to Museum, to different events which allow them to have direct experiences in the world outside, outdoors and in  places full of charm and stimulating.

Cross Cultural Activities & Afternoon Clubs

In the afternoon from 2.00 pm to 17.30 pm at our facility alternate activities and courses in dance, music, yoga and more with the aim of promoting the linguistic areas, expressive, emotional and cognitive skills of the child. The laboratories are open to children not enrolled at our school and cater to the age group from 3 to 6 years old.


Nowadays children are involved in a “digital” irreversible future, from thousand possibilities not yet explored. To some people all this gives apprehension and worries but the widespread use of instruments and devices can not be limited only to improvise and casually proposed  moments of distraction. The capacity of learning, which the electronic instruments are able to stimulate be administered with prudence and wisdom both for educational and fruitful aims. “Smile” uses inside its planning an educational methodology that takes into account the digital tools as a great resource for learning.

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